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Packed full of features, the Unisocs dashboard is the #1 tool for students.

Unlimited Modules & Classes

There’s no limit to the amount of modules and classes you can track. Simply enter the module name, recommended number of hours of study, and you’re set!

Detailed Graphical Breakdowns

View detailed graphical representations and complete metrics of your study progress. Your dashboard updates instantly, giving you a visual perception of your progression across all modules and classes.

Recent Activity

View your entire study history at a glance. Each shaded area corresponds to a different module, with the date on the x-axis and time spent studying on the y-axis. Hovering over different dates displays a detailed breakdown of your study for that specific day.

Module Progress

By inputting your recommended number of study hours for each module, you can keep track of your module progress. The bar turns green once the target has been hit, allowing you to concentrate on the more underdeveloped areas of your study.

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Module Activity

The Module Activity graph is a great way to maintain a balanced workload across all of your modules. Each segment represents a module, with the size representing the percentage completion. Any neglected modules will be shown to have smaller segments, giving you the chance to work on that module.

Academic Calendar

Your personal academic calendar allows you to view all of your tracked work, as well as add any important events and deadlines.

The notifications panel will display the most recent and upcoming items on your calendar, keeping you updated.

    • Add important events to your academic calendar.
    • Say goodbye to missing deadlines by adding work deadlines to your academic calendar.
    • Look back over your personal study to view at a glance study habits.

iOS and Android Apps

Download the free Unisocs app for iOS and Android to track your work on the go. Perfect for when you’re unable to reach a computer!

Gamified Learning

Gamified learning has regularly been proven to aid study sessions by making the work more “fun”. Unisocs incorporates gamification by allowing students to earn points and level up whilst studying. Students can also unlock badges for hitting set targets, giving them something to work towards.

Unisocs intends to expand on this feature by incorporating real rewards for hard-working students. Students will soon receive exclusive discounts and special offers from national retailers & local stores in return for their hard work.

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