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Get to know the ins and outs of your academic dashboard.

The Dashboard

After signing up with your college or university email address, you will be presented with your (completely blank) personal academic dashboard, just like the one shown below. The first thing you’ll want to do is head to the top right and edit your profile, by adding your name and profile image. Once that’s complete, you can start tracking!

Add Modules

On the sidebar panel, the “Add Modules” tab allows you to add as many classes/modules as you wish. Simply enter the module name, recommended number of hours of study, and you’re set!

Track Time

Just above “Add Modules”, you’ll notice the “Track Time” button. After all your hard work and effort, be sure to keep track of your work by choosing which module (or modules) you studied for, how long you studied for & any additional notes.


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Your personal academic calendar allows you to view all of your tracked work, as well as add any important events and deadlines. The notifications panel will display the most recent and upcoming items on your calendar, keeping you updated!

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Recent Activity

View your entire study history at a glance. Each shaded area corresponds to a different module, with the date on the x-axis and time spent studying on the y-axis. Hovering over different dates displays a detailed breakdown of your study for that specific day.

Review Your Full Study History

Look back across your study & quickly view all of your modules, simply by hovering over the specific area you’re interested in.

Spot Patterns In Your Personal Study Habits

By being able to view your entire study history on one graph, you can spot patterns in your study and work to adjust them to make you work more effectively.

Module Activity

The Module Activity graph is a great way to maintain a balanced workload across all of your modules. Each segment represents a module, with the size representing the percentage completion. Any neglected modules will be shown to have smaller segments, giving you the chance to work on that module.

Use the Module Activity graph to balance your workload evenly across modules!

Balance Your Modules Evenly

Being able to view your modules proportionally means you can balance your workload more effectively. The Module Activity graph allows you to spot neglected modules early, giving you time to work on them before those all-important exams.

Keep On Track

Have a target to aim for by inputting your recommended hours of study for each module. Hover over a section to view the percentage completion for that module.

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